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V-Infinity Debuts VMHV/VSHV/VPHV/VBYH Series Converters

V-Infinity LLC (Beaverton, OR) introduced four new series of high-voltage dc-dc converters, the VMHV, VSHV, VPHV, and VBYH Series, with outputs of up to 2,000 Vdc. The PCB-mount units are suited for a variety of industrial applications with high voltage demands. All units claim high reliability and a long life, with an expected mean time between failure value of 400,000 hours.

Available in 22 separate models, the converters accept an input of 5 V or 12 V with wattages ranging from 0.5 W to 3.5 W. Output voltages are trimmable from 0 Vdc to 2,000 Vdc with an external pot. Voltage regulation in the units are as low as o.01%. The converters are available in positive and negative polarities with an operating temperature range of -10 °C to +60 °C.

Others features include remote on/off, short-circuit protection, output over-current protection and over-temperature protection. Pricing starts at $70 per unit for the VMHV, VSHV, VPHV, and VBYH Series converters.

Availability is from five to seven weeks.

V-Infinity LLC
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