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Uninterruptible Power Supply for CATV Market

Multilink, Inc. has announced the release of its newest Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for the Cable TV market, the Multilink EB1s Cable TV UPS. The Multilink EB1s is an advanced emergency power system designed to provide the Cable Multisystem Operator (MSO) a new generation UPS to ensure uninterrupted power to important video, voice and data networks in the event of power disruptions, such as spikes, sags and outages. The use of Multilink’s own Synchronous Rectified Boost Technology, which creates 15% greater battery runtime than competing units, allows MSOs to spend less money on battery systems while retaining optimum runtime. The advanced circuitry also provides lower line mode energy consumption, and lower unit temperature when operating in battery mode.

“The design of this power supply,” stated Multilink CEO Steve Kaplan, “is our most advanced yet. Based on the specific needs of our customers and decades of experience in the industry, the Multilink EB1s offers MSOs the highest level of operation in every important category of UPS performance.”

Designed by the company’s Elyria-based power engineers, the EB1s is available in seven models from 3.5 to 22 Amps. The wide selection of output options allows customers with a variety of power needs to standardize installation, training and support, making the Multilink EB1s series an operationally efficient choice for large and small MSOs.

“The unit’s greater battery runtime and lower operating temperature,” explained Kaplan, “save money every day. Because the unit uses a battery’s stored energy more efficiently, cable operators can purchase smaller batteries. And, because the unit operates 38% cooler than the competition, internal components have a longer useful life.”

Other features of the new Multilink EB1s include: Advanced Multi-stage battery charging to eliminate over- or undercharging batteries; Superior Voltage Output Regulation; Standard setting Inverter and Transformer circuits, including Clean Wave technology, ensuring a clean quasi square wave output in both line and battery mode; Tracking Efficiency Controller (TEC) to Maintain Peak Ferro Efficiency; Wide input voltage range of 90 to 150Vac; Superior Industrial Design, including Thermodynamic Airflow Cooling.

The release of the MultilinkEB1s follows the successful launches last year of the EB1, The EB1ns, designed for smaller node applications, and the EB1e, designed for use with European and Latin American markets.

“The CATV market needs a product like the EB1s more than ever before,” stated Spence Carlson, President of Multilink CATV Sales. “In addition to groundbreaking design efficiencies, the unit also includes a dual-plant capability so operators with 60 volt and 90 volt plant can use one UPS instead of two. And, our embedded Stat-Trak remote monitoring module provides all the data plant operators need for convenient status monitoring and maintenance planning.”

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