UL-recognized Integrated Capacitor/Bus Structures

SBE, Inc. announced today the launch of the UL-recognized 777A series of integrated capacitor/bus structures. According to SBE, this is the first time UL has ever issued recognition of an integrated capacitor/bus assembly. The 777A series enhances the technological advantages of its UL-recognized Power Ring Film Capacitors™ by tightly coupling the capacitors to the bus structure and supplying it as one easily installed unit. This announcement furthers SBE’s commitment to providing the highest performing, longest lasting dc link solutions.

"Our 777A integrated solutions combine the long life and unparalleled low inductance advantages of the Power Ring with an optimized bus structure, allowing our customers to push switch modules closer to their rated voltage and significantly reduce costs," says Ed Sawyer, SBE president and CEO. "We are currently shipping integrated solutions into the wind and solar markets and our customers are very happy with the cost, performance and supply chain advantages," added Sawyer.

"By directly integrating Power Rings, which have unmatched low temperature rise, life, and current handling capabilities, with optimized bus structures, our customers are seeing game-changing performance," states Dr. Michael Brubaker, SBE's Chief Technology Officer. "Inductance and overshoot are low enough that our customers are comfortable operating 1000Vdc bus inverters with 1200V IGBTs. That simply wasn't possible until now", adds Brubaker.

Particularly well suited for the demanding requirements of wind, solar, UPS, and Network Power inverter applications, the 777A series is available from 500µF to 20mF, with voltage ratings from 600 to 1500Vdc. Data sheets for the complete 777A series will be published over the next few weeks.

SBE Inc.
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