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Two-Watt DC-DCs for “High/Low” Side IGBT Drive Applications

Murata today announced the MGJ2 series of 2-Watt high isolation dual-output dc-dc converters from Murata Power Solutions. These compact encapsulated devices are suitable for powering “high side” and “low side” gate drives in bridge circuits using insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and MOSFETs. Offering basic and supplementary insulation, with an isolation test voltage of 5.2kVdc and conforming to the internationally recognized safety standard UL60950 (pending), the MGJ2 series can provide a key element of the end-product’s safety insulation system.

Packaged in an industry-standard SIP format, they occupy a 1.96 cm squared footprint and achieve a power density of 0.81-Watts per cubic centimeter. The series comprises 12 models offering nominal input voltages of 5-, 12-, 15- or 24-Vdc. For each input voltage there are three output voltage combinations available: +15/-5 Vdc, +15/-8.7 Vdc or +20/-5 Vdc.

The converters have a characterized dv/dt immunity, suiting reliable operation in fast switching applications. Partial discharge performance is also optimized to give a long service life. The MGJ2 series has an extended operating temperature range of up to +100 degrees C that suits industrial grade temperature ratings. Typical applications include high power ac-dc conversion, motor drives and solar power inverters. Certification to the medical safety standard UL60601 3rd edition is pending. Lead-time is from stock to 10 weeks; pricing in OEM quantities $4.95.

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