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TSi Power Intros ATS-1000/1000E Switches

TSi Power Corp. (Antigo, WI) announced a new series of user-customizable automatic transfer switches (ATS) for enabling the use of redundant power sources, such as small uninterruptible power systems (UPS) or dc-ac inverters feeding industrial controls, PLC cabinets, internet servers, telecom systems, etc. The TSi ATS allows use of two separate UPS, dc-ac inverters, motor-generators, utility grids, or other 120 V or 230 V circuits to give one ultra-reliable power feed into systems.

The two ac sources feeding the ATS-1000/1000E do not have to be synchronized since the ATS is designed to switch between two asynchronous ac sources without damage to itself, or to equipment powered by switch-mode power supplies. User-selectable transfer times of 20 ms, 40 ms or 1 sec allow use of non-synchronized ac sources for all types of load equipment. If a positive power break is needed during the transfer, then the ATS-1000/1000E may be set to “slow transfer” (1 sec transfer time) mode to ensure a full 1 sec ac power outage during transfer.

TSi Power Corp.
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