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Transphorm Partners with Tata Power Solar on India’s Most-Efficient PV Inverter

Transphorm Inc. announced today that it is partnering with Tata Power Solar, to introduce India’s most efficient solar inverter using Transphorm’s patented EZ-GaN™ technology. This collaboration enhances Tata Power Solar’s position as a solar solutions and technology leader, by launching inverters based on Transphorm’s unique GaN-based power switching platform. Under the partnership, Transphorm will supply GaN transistors, while Tata Power Solar will locally manufacture and market the GaN-powered solar inverters. The first PV Inverter product is scheduled to be released in early 2015.

"We are pleased to partner with Transphorm to develop indigenous world-leading solar conversion," said Mr. Ajay Goel, CEO, Tata Power Solar. "Our intent is to lead in green energy. The inverter technology being developed has broad applications beyond solar conversion and we anticipate these energy efficient applications will find usage across various Tata companies."

"By designing our solar inverter product family with Transphorm's industry-leading and qualified EZ-GaN platform, Tata Power Solar will provide the Indian energy sector with a compact and higher efficiency PV Inverter as well as a roadmap of higher performance and smaller form factor solar PV power," said Dr. Arul Shanmugasundram, EVP Projects and CTO for Tata Power Solar. "This world-leading product family will accelerate India's adoption of solar energy, enabling the goal of using renewables to power 20 percent of India's energy needs by 2020."

"Tata's partnership with Transphorm is a testament to continued validation of Transphorm's undisputed leadership in addressing global power conversion needs," said Dr. Umesh Mishra, Chairman, Transphorm Inc. "We look forward to working with TATA to bring energy savings directly to enterprises and consumers."

Currently widely used in LEDs, GaN is the next generation in power electronics. The GaN transistor combines low switching and conduction losses, offering reduced energy loss of more than 50 percent compared to conventional silicon-based power conversion designs. Transphorm has established the industry's first and only qualified 600V GaN device platform with its TPH Series portfolio of GaN products, backed by its world-leading GaN power IP portfolio.

Transphorm Inc. , Tata Power Solar
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