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Toshiba Launches Low RDS(on) Power MOSFET for Automotive Applications

Toshiba Corporation has launched a low on-resistance power MOSFET as the latest addition to its TO-220SIS package series for automotive applications. The new product, “TK80A04K3L”, also achieves low leakage current and guarantees operation at 175°C. While it is primarily suited to automotive applications, it can also be used in motor drives and switching regulators.

These n-channel devices feature a V(DDS) of 40V and an I(D) rating of 80A. Other key features include: Low ON-resistance (VGS=10V) RDS(ON)=1.9mΩ(typ.); Low leakage current IDSS=10µA(max) (VDS=rated voltage); Tch = 175°C guaranteed; Lead-insertion type TO-220SIS package.

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