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Toshiba Expands Line-up of 650V SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

Toshiba Corporation‘s Semiconductor & Storage Products Company today announced that it will expand its family of 650V silicon carbide (SiC) schottky barrier diodes (SBD) with the addition of insulated TO-220F-2L package products. The 4 new products expand the 6A, 8A, 10A and 12A line-up from the current TO-220-2L package products. Mass production shipment starts from today. SBDs are targeted for applications including server power supplies and power conditioners for photovoltaic power generation systems. SBDs can also act as replacements for silicon diodes in switching power supplies, where they are 50% more efficient (Toshiba survey).

The four new devices are: TRS6A65C rated for 650V and 6A with Vf of 1.5 (typical) / 1.7 (maximum), and IRRM (μA) of 0.3 (typical) / 90 (maximum); TRS8A65C rated for 650V and 8A with Vf of 1.5 (typical) / 1.7 (maximum), and IRRM (μA) of 0.4 (typical) / 90; TRS10A65C rated for 650V and 10A with Vf of 1.5 (typical) / 1.7 (maximum), and IRRM (μA) of 0.42 (typical) / 90 (maximum); and the TRS12A65C rated for 650V and 12A with Vf of 1.54 (typical) / 1.7 (maximum), and IRRM (μA) of 0.45 (typical) / 90 (maximum).

SiC SBDs provide high breakdown voltage that has never been possible with silicon (Si) SBDs. Being unipolar devices SiC SBDs have very short reverse recovery time and temperature-independent switching behavior, making them the preferred replacements for Si fast-recovery diodes (FRDs) in many applications to improve power supply efficiency.

SiC power devices offer more stable operation than current silicon devices – even at high voltages and currents – as they significantly reduce heat dissipation during operation. They meet diverse industry needs for smaller, more effective communications devices and suit industrial applications ranging from servers to inverters.

Toshiba Corporation
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