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Torex and LEM Preview Future Products

Both LEM S.A. and Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. previewed high-performance power management products at this year’s techno Frontier. LEM was sharing the provisional data sheet for the new HO-S series of current transducers specifically designed for use in demanding industrial power environments. The XCL211/12 series of dc-dc converters being previewed by Torex are ultra-small (3.1 x 4.7, 1.3mm) micro step-down dc-dc converters with an integrated coil that achieves a level of miniaturization and profile reduction that is one of the smallest in class for a load current of 2A.

With the integrated Inductor, new series of dc-dc converters from Torex is designed to minimize EMC emissions and radiated noise, while maximizing efficiency. The operating voltage range is from 2.7V to 6.0V and the output voltage can be set freely from 0.9V to VIN using external resistors.

The XCL211/212 series include a 1ms (typ.) high-speed soft-start function for quick turn-on, a chip enable pin to turn the IC on and off and a CL discharge function to quickly discharge the output capacitor when the IC is turned off. A thermal shutdown circuit is also built in which shuts down the IC when the chip's temperature reaches 150 degrees C and re-starts it when the temperature drops to 130 degrees C (typ.) or less.

AC variable-speed and servo drives, battery systems, uninterruptible power supplies, welding power supplies, PV combiner boxes and other industrial applications are being targeted by LEM with the 50A, 100A, 150A, 200A and 250A HO-S current transducers. They can be used for measuring dc, ac and pulsed currents. These devices feature creepage and clearance distances of over 8mm and are rated for operation from -40 to +105 degrees C.

The HO-S current transducers have a nominal accuracy of 1%, operate from a single +5 V power supply and include an over-current detect function. Advantages of these devices include low offset drift, over-drivable Vref, fast response times and low-profile 2mm pitch connector for wire AWG 32 to 24.

Torex Semiconductor , LEM S.A.
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