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Teradyne Introduces DC90XP for Automotive and Power Management Markets

Teradyne announced the DC90XP, a four-channel floating, high power voltage/current (V/I) source and measurement instrument for the FLEX™ and microFLEX™ test systems. The DC90XP is designed to meet the precision high power and high and low current test demands of the automotive, power management, industrial/consumer motor controller and power switch semiconductor markets.

"The DC90XP addresses the increasingly demanding quality requirements of the automotive and power management device markets, while reducing cost of test with improved accuracy and performance," said Regan Mills, General Manager, Semiconductor Test Consumer Business Unit, Teradyne. "The introduction of the DC90XP gives customers the means for continuous improvement in production cost and test performance on the FLEX platform."

The DC90XP is a highly modular instrument providing current pulses of 10A for a single channel and up to 160A by paralleling channels across multiple instruments without any additional DIB circuitry. The instrument is said to improve test execution and throughput with three low current ranges from 200µA to 200mA to minimize current switching, Direct Memory Access (DMA) to accelerate large block data transfers, and user-selectable crossover modes that optimize response for different load conditions with smooth transitions and fast reprogramming for voltage and positive and negative current. Two Time Measurement Units per instrument measure time events to an accuracy of 500ps with bandwidth up to 50MHz. A DC90XP compatibility mode runs existing test programs created for the FLEX platform’s DC90 high power instrument without modification.

Teradyne’s FLEX Test Platform is said to advance test technologies in an architecture designed for high-efficiency, multisite test. The platform offers multiple systems so customers can optimize for performance, configuration capacity, and capital cost to achieve lower cost-of-test. FLEX Platform systems span test requirements from conventional DFT and structural test to standard analog and mixed-signal to the latest high-integration System-On-a-Chip (SoC) and System-In-Package (SiP) for consumer, automotive, mass storage, wireless, and data communications applications.

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