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Tellurex Announces PG-1 Thermoelectric Power Generator

Tellurex Corp., a manufacturer of thermoelectric products, introduced a thermoelectric power generator, the PG-1, that allows users to generate electricity with canned fuel or some other heat source. This self-contained, fully assembled device is suitable for demonstrating the Seebeck effect of thermoelectric power generation for the scientist, educator, inventor, or hobbyist.

Thermoelectric power generation is made possible by creating a temperature difference across the thermoelectric module located inside the unit. Heat flows from the higher temperature surface to the lower temperature surface creating an electrical potential. When the electrical circuit is completed, electrons flow and electrical power is produced.

Tellurex has designed the PG-1 to power its internal fan with power to spare. The net output of approximately 0.75W is adjustable from 3 to 14Vdc by means of a built-in voltage converter, making the practical use of this device extremely flexible.

Charles Cauchy, President of Tellurex Corp., believes this new product demonstrates the viability of thermoelectric power generation, "This is a commercially-available thermoelectric product that can generate a usuable amount of power. You can charge batteries, power your GPS or phone, or power LED’s or music devices. Any small dc device in your imagination can now be powered off the grid."

Tellurex Corp.
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