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SynQor Expands PowerQor Series with 40A PowerQor Unit

SynQor (Hudson, MA) announced the expansion of their PowerQor Series of high-efficiency, no-heatsink-required isolated dc/dc converters to include five half-brick sized units that can deliver 40A of output current. With full load efficiencies ranging from 89 percent for the 3.3V output converter to 82 percent for the 1.5V output converter, these 48V input units are claimed to dissipate far less heat than competing products and therefore do not require a heatsink to keep their components cool.By eliminating the heatsink and baseplate, the PowerQor converters provide a low profile (0.4") to further reduce card pitch, according to SynQor. In severe thermal environments, the 40A PowerQor units can provide additional power where a derated 30A converter would fall short or become too hot. The new PowerQor modules feature an expanded output voltage trim-up range of +/-20 percent to compensate for distribution resistive drops, which are more severe in low- voltage, high-current applications. The converters also use the industry standard pin-out to facilitate integration into existing designs.The 40A PowerQor product line includes output voltages of 3.3V, 2.5V, 2.0V, 1.8V and 1.5V. All units draw power from a 48V nominal input range of 35V to 75V. Full load efficiencies are 89 percent for the 3.3Vout unit, 87 percent for the 25Vout, 85 percent for 2.0Vout, 84 percent for 1.8Vout and 82 percent for 1.5Vout.All of the PowerQor units offer on/off control with positive/negative logic, remote sense, output voltage trim, input under-voltage lockout, input over-voltage shutdown, output current limit, output over-voltage limit and over-temperature problems. The 40A converters are priced at $129 in 1000-piece quantities.

SynQor Corp.
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