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Switching Regulators Deliver 95% Efficiency and 8:1 Input

Aimtec, Inc. has announced the AM1SRW-78-NZ series non-isolated switching regulator. This new switching regulator is pinout compatible with LM78xx linear regulators (SIP3), delivers up to 95% efficiency and features an ultra-wide input of 8:1 (9- to 72-Vdc) for models delivering 3.3-Vdc, 5-Vdc and 6.5-Vdc (narrower input voltage ranges apply for output voltages of 9-Vdc and higher). Maximum rated output current is 500mA and the maximum rated output power is 12W (with an output voltage of 24Vdc and an input voltage range of 36- to 72-Vdc).

The AM1SRW-78-NZ series also supports soft start, and continuous short circuit protection. It is available with a choice of 3.3-, 5-, 6.5-, 9-, 12-, 15- and 24-Vdc outputs. These switching regulators are specified to operate from -40 to +85 degrees C. They deliver their full rated output power up to 71 degrees C and derate linearly to 60% of rated power at 85 degrees C. These switching regulators have a maximum line regulation of +/- 1%, a maximum load regulation of +/- 0.6% and 60 mV (peak-to-peak) of output ripple and noise.

"The design topology is known as 'buck', and the regulation method is by pulse-width-modulation. The switching frequency can range from 120kHz up to 800kHz. The switching frequency will vary based on the output voltage of the device, the higher the output voltage, the higher the switching frequency," commented Aimtec's Marcus Liuzzi.

Aimtec Inc.
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