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ST Intros STTHxx03 Series of High-Frequency Rectifiers

STMicroelectronics Inc. (Lexington, MA) introduced the new STTHxx03 Series of high-frequency rectifiers, which are optimized for use on the secondary side of telecom power supplies, where voltage spikes in the 250-280V range are often experienced. According to ST, the new devices retain the performance of their 200V BYW family and are built with a new process that increases the repetitive peak reverse voltage rating to 300V.The STTHxx03 Series is claimed to offer the same ultrafast, noise-free soft recovery characteristics as the 200V devices.

The reverse leakage current is 20uA at a junction temperature of 25 degrees C, ten times lower than the previous devices, allowing the maximum junction temperature to be increased to 175 degrees C. The forward voltage drop is below 1V at a junction temperature of 125 degrees C.In addition to telecom power supplies, the devices are also considered ideal for use in other switch-mode power supply and high-frequency dc/dc converter applications.

Devices are available in dual center tap configurations offering 2x10A, 2x15A, 2x30A, 2x60A, 2x80A and 2x100A average forward current ratings, as well as a single 8A device.Package options include TO-220, TO-247, ISOTOP and surface mounting D2PAK. Prices range from $0.34 for the STTH803D/G to $9 for the STTH20003TV, each in quantities of 100,000.

STMicroelectronics Inc.
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