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Solid Tantalum SMD Chip Capacitors now with Industry-High 75V Ratings

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today announced that it has extended its TANTAMOUNT® low-ESR TR3 and standard industrial-grade 293D series of solid tantalum surface-mount chip capacitors with higher ratings up to 75V in the B, C, D, E, V, and W case sizes. The industry’s first 75V molded tantalum capacitors, the Vishay Sprague devices are designed to meet the derating requirements of 50% rated voltage in +28V and +35V applications. Providing less-expensive options for decoupling in 75V applications and power supplies at +28V, and dc-dc conversion at +35V, the devices released today are optimized for sensor, industrial control, and airborne applications, in addition to telecommunications base stations.

The TR3 series offers a high ripple current carrying capability to 2.50 A. The 293D and TR3 capacitors are offered in six and seven molded case sizes, respectively, and feature standard RoHS-compliant tin terminations, with Sn/Pb terminations available upon request. Devices in the C, D, and E case codes are 100 % surge current tested.

Part of Vishay’s TANTAMOUNT tantalum capacitor family, the devices released today offer a voltage range from 4V to 75V over a temperature range of -55 to +85 degrees C, to +125 degrees C with voltage derating. The capacitors meet the new EIA-717 international qualification specification (in addition to EIA 535BAAC and IEC QC300801/US0001), offer a Moisture Sensitivity Level of 1, and are compatible with high-volume pick-and-place equipment to simplify assembly.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.
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