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SolarX Energy Introduces Next Generation Hybrid Solar Energy System

SolarX Energy announced the launch of its much anticipated SolarX Hybrid – a total solar energy solution expected to raise the bar on solar-generated clean energy by coupling thermal (hot water) production output of over 100,000 BTUs per day with electrical power production of up to 1.0 kilowatt per day.

The new system combines the features of the company’s patented SolarX-164 parabolic solar thermal collector with peripherally mounted photovoltaic (PV) panels, which generate electrical power by instantaneously converting solar radiation into electricity. SolarX’s unique SunHound(TM) tracking device precisely follows the sun’s position for maximum solar efficiency and output. With its proprietary tracking system, the Hybrid’s PV panels are capable of increasing electrical production by more than 25% over traditional fixed PV tracking.

In addition to promising cost savings for government, commercial and institutional operations, the unit is a stand-alone energy system for remote areas – a welcome relief for such diverse off-the-grid operations as agricultural sites and third-world hospitals. The PV panels produce enough energy to power the system’s tracking motor, and the excess electric power production can be used or fed back into the grid.

“The beauty of this system is that massive energy-consuming (and polluting) enterprises will be able to capture more of the sun’s power more consistently, more affordably and without any external power source, thereby increasing their ability to generate clean energy more easily and reduce their overall energy costs – wherever they operate in the world,” said company Chairman Edward Penson.

The SolarX Hybrid can be scaled to fit site needs, servicing differing loads, producing steam for manufacturing facilities, solar cooling for commercial sites, and electrical power to supplement grid load. Installed along a north-south axis, the system tracks the sun from dawn in the east to dusk in the west. SolarX products can be seen in action on our website.

“The system permits ultimate flexibility, in that different sizes and outputs of PV panels can be utilized. As technology in PV panels evolves, the more advanced panels can be utilized without affecting the main system,” said Chief Technology Officer David Matalon. He added, “The proprietary tracking devices controlling the movement of the system are attached independently to each pair of collectors in order to ensure maximum efficiency, which is vitally important on partly cloudy days. The SunHound tracking sensor constantly searches for the brightest point overhead and automatically adjusts the position of the collectors.”

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