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Solar-Log Adds PV Monitoring to Popular GE Meter

Solar Data Systems, Inc. has merged its proven technology with General Electric‘s popular GE I-210+ meter. From the outside, the device looks like the well-known GE residential and commercial meter. On the inside, however, it now features the Solar-Log® chip. The built-in Solar-Log® chip monitors and logs incoming data from the solar array with revenue-grade precision required to collect state and utility incentives, including performance-based incentives (PBIs) and solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs).

“Fitting our technology into the popular GE meter provides our customers with the best of both worlds: Solar PV monitoring and electric power metering in a single and easy-to-install device,” says Anton Kaeslin, president of Solar Data Systems. “The Solar-Log® & GE Meter guarantees maximized PV plant performance and provides revenue-grade power reporting.”

The built-in Solar-Log® can transmit data via 3G cellular modem or Ethernet. A Solar-Log® & GE Meter bus allows up to 16 more meters to be connected to the monitoring system. Data logging and meter functions can be configured remotely. The Solar-Log® Dashboard neatly and clearly presents plant performance data graphically and numerically. Apps for iPhone and Android devices enable plant monitoring on the go. The Solar-Log® & GE Meter works with microinverters and string inverters of all major brands.

Solar-Log® & GE Meter Overview: Revenue-grade metering and direct inverter monitoring with over 80 manufacturers in a single device; Attractive Solar-Log® Dashboard for presenting plant performance via local or public display; Plant performance visualization via iPhone (iOS) and Android apps; Convenient online plant performance and power meter monitoring via Solar-Log® WEB; Online remote configuration of data logging and meter functions; Meteorological satellite data-based performance monitoring; Integrated Internet access through cellular or local area network (LAN); Works with microinverters and string inverters; and Certified Revenue Grade Metering (RGM) incentive reporting.

Solar Data Systems, Inc. , General Electric Energy
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