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Software-Defined Power Management Technology IP

AGGIOS, the leader in software-defined power management, announced today that it has been granted the US Patent No. 9,690,354: “Automatic Energy Design and Management System for Assessing System Components’ Energy Consumption, Compiling Energy Management Control and Optimizing Energy Usage” – describes systems for automated generation of power and energy management control. The provisional application was filed on May 6th 2013.

"AGGIOS is firmly committed to innovation in the domain of software-defined platform management for electronic devices. This patent grant was long awaited and marks the first publication in a series of patents our outstanding engineering staff has filed since 2013. Customers and partners of AGGIOS platform management products can count on full protection of our innovations,” said Vojin Zivojnovic, President & CEO of AGGIOS.

The AGGIOS Seed platform management software is part of the AGGIOS software-defined platform management framework. AGGIOS Seed enables run-time management of power, energy, latency and thermal characteristics for heterogeneous multicore multiOS SoCs and complete applications. The Seed software drivers and firmware kernel complement the standard OSes and take full control over platform management: Detect and respond to power management directives by the various OSes including during power transitions; During OS suspend periods manage the sleep, suspend and dark wake states of the device; Coordinate power state changes of components, clusters and subsystems; Manage UHA operating points and scenes required by the application; Execute control code to retain state information during transitions; Change power states by directly accessing hardware components, including clocks, PLLs and PMICs; and Provide run-time power and energy estimates.

Seed accomplishes the above tasks and delivers: Fast and precise execution of power state changes; Optimized power states meeting performance and latency requirements; Small footprint to fit within local memory of dedicated cores; Flexibility to distribute energy management across all the participating cores and OSes as well as type 1 and type 2 hypervisors; and Support for wide range of processors ranging from application processors to dedicated power management and always-on-cores.

The AGGIOS EnergyLab platform management environment is part of the AGGIOS software-defined platform management framework. EnergyLab is an integrated design environment (IDE) for the design, visualization, test/measurement and management of power, energy, latency and thermal behavior for multicore SoCs, integrated platforms and complete applications. AGGIOS EnergyLab relies on the IEEE P2415 UHA standard and adapts the AGGIOS Seed platform management software to specifics of the customer hardware, software and operating characteristics, like power or latency.

AGGIOS EnergyLab covers: Energy Modeling and Design; Energy Simulation and Analysis; Energy Verification and Validation; Energy Management Generation and Configuration; and Energy Debugging and Optimization.

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