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Soft-termination MLCCs with High Flex Cracking Resistance

TDK Corporation announced a new series of soft-termination multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) that are specially designed to withstand flex cracking caused by bending stresses to the PCB. The new series of commercial grade MLCCs with soft terminations is available in case sizes from EIA 0402 (1.0 mm x 0.5 mm) to EIA 3025 (7.5 mm x 6.3 mm) and with a wide range of capacitance values on a par with TDK’s other commercial grade MLCCs. With these new types the soft-termination technology already proven in automotive grade components of the CGA series is now available for general-purpose applications as well. Applications for this new series of MLCCs is expected to include electronic circuits whose PCBs require handling after MLCCs have been soldered, such as smartphones, PCs, TVs, power supplies, game consoles, car multimedia equipment, and base stations. Mass production will start in July 2014.

PCBs are exposed to mechanical bending stress during a number of handling processes such as board splitting, insertion of sockets and leaded components, and screw-down, which take place after the MLCCs are mounted on the board. These mechanical stresses can cause flex cracking in the MLCCs. In order to effectively absorb these board stresses, TDK has designed the new types with an elastic conductive resin electrode material and advanced electrode forming technology. The result is a soft termination that is able to withstand a board deflection of up to 5 mm (over a length of 90 mm) making the joint 2.5 times stronger than that of standard MLCCs and all but eliminates the risk of flex cracking.

The new series of commercial grade soft-termination MLCCs extends TDK's portfolio of components with outstanding joint reliability. Together with the MEGACAP Type series of capacitors with metal lead frames, TDK offers a broad range of MLCCs that are able to withstand severe environmental conditions.

TDK Corporation
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