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SiC MOSFET Gate Drivers for Automotive and Industrial Designs

Rohm Semiconductor introduces a new series of Isolated Gate Driver ICs for power MOSFETs at PCIM, the leading trade fair for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion and Energy Management in Nuremberg, (Hall 9, Booth 316). The first release of this series BM61S40RFV is a 3,75kV isolation, AEC-Q100 gate driver device specifically designed for ROHM’s SiC power MOSFET, providing an optimized solution for robust power circuit designs in industrial and automotive applications.

For the power electronics circuit design in industrial and automotive power systems the power device plays a decisive role. To respond to the specific requirements of these applications, to add flexibility and reliability to the design and to enable faster time-to-market, Rohm uses proprietary microfabrication processes to develop on-chip coreless transformer for compact, robust and reliable isolated gate drivers that are optimized for SiC technology.

The new device has an output current of 4A, a built-in active miller clamp function to prevent parasitic turn-on effects and integrates an under-voltage lock-out (UVLO) protection very important safety feature to prevent possible power switch damages due to thermal run away. Having this function integrated in the gate driver optimizes the external BOM and grants the compliance with the specific requirements of industrial and automotive applications for augmented safety (e.g. in Automotive ASIL-level B/C/D or Industrial SIL2/3/4).

Designers have the possibility to optimize external BOM as well as PCB space while reducing the overall design effort. Furthermore, the built-in functionality improves the performance of the driver stage and system reliability with better EMI and lower coupling effects. Pin-to-pin compatibility with BM60015FV-LB & BM60016FV-C provides design flexibility and enables sustainable, future-proof solutions.

To complete the design of the gate driver stage, the BD7F100HFN is the perfect companion IC to implement a compact and proven flyback dc-dc converter to power the isolated side of the driver. Rohm offers a small and proven evaluation board combining a BD7F100HFN with the new BM61S40RFV gate driver IC.

Specifications include: isolation voltage of 3750Vrms; VCC1 delivers 4.5- to 5.5-Vdc; VCC2 delivers 16- to 24-Vdc; UVLO2 voltage is 14.5V (typ); operating temperature range is -40 to 125 degrees C; maximum I/O delay time is 60ns; Delay matching is 20ns; output current up to 4A; packaged in a SSOP-B10W (3.50mm x 10.20mm x 1.9mm).

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