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Shielded Power Inductors Offer Higher Inductances

The shielded CDRH3D23 Series Power Inductors from Sumida America Components Inc. are specifically designed for use in high-density power circuitry. With ferrite drum construction and a unique geometry, these devices yield higher inductance values than other inductors with a similar footprint. These devices measure just 3.92 x 3.92 x 2.5 mm. Inductance values range from 0.47 µH – 47 µH. DCR is as low as 18.8mOhms (typical @ 20 degrees C). Current handling capabilities are above average. The device is RoHS compliant and halogen-free.

The CDRH3D23 Series offers a full-rated temperature range of -40 to +105 degrees C, and solder reflow temperature to 260 degrees C peak. Additional benefits include compliance with IPC/JEDEC Moisture Sensitivity Level 1, for unlimited floor life at ≤30 degrees C / 85% RH. Applications include driver circuitry, dc-dc converters, switching power supplies and regulators, boost converters, buck-boost regulators and more. These circuits may be powering wireless communications products and MM2M power circuitry.

Standard packaging is carrier tape and reel packaging, 7.0"diameter reel, 500pcs per reel. The CDRH3D23 Series power inductors ARE available with 30 day delivery.

Sumida America Components Inc.
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