ROAL’s TROPO LED Drivers Offer Flicker Free Operation With Standard Triac Dimmers

ROAL Electronics SpA announced its TROPO series – a family of LED drivers designed specifically for powering LEDs in new and retrofit lighting applications. These drivers operate directly from the ac line and provide an isolated, low voltage constant current dc output. Wide range (10%-100%) dimming is possible with standard incandescent dimmers (triac based, standard phase – leading edge) and electronic low voltage dimmers (reverse phase – trailing edge).

TROPO drivers also include all the necessary controls and protections for UL and ENEC approvals (pending). The company describes TROPO as an ideal low cost solution for integrated light fixture designs where the driver is located inside the lighting fixture in close proximity to the heat sink. Designed to provide 50,000 hours of useful life at 90C case temperature, TROPO drivers should last as long as the LEDs they power.

At 15W of output power, TROPO drivers are suitable for LED down lights. The series includes 10 models from 350 to 1500mA output with either 120 or 240Vac input. The output set point is factory adjustable for high volume OEM requirements.

Units start shipping March 15th and can be ordered immediately.

ROAL Electronics
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