Renco Expands Inductor Offering with Small High-Current Version

Renco Electronics, Inc.released the company’s high-current version of the best-selling inductor product in compact form, the RL-5480HC. Under the slogan, “smaller is better”, Renco debuted the RL-5480HC. The inductor’s high saturation materials allow for use in several switched-mode power supply applications including output filtering and EMI suppression. Supporting switched-mode power supply design, the small size and staggered lead length of the RL-5480HC allow for easy PCB insertion.

Known for its broad inductance options, the RL-5480HC series offers 259 industry-standard inductance values ranging from 3.9μH to 270,000μH. The series also boasts current capabilities up to 9.50A and a saturation current as high as 24.5A. In addition, the RL-5480HC operates effectively within the same wide temperature range of -40 to +130 degrees C as the RL-5480 providing tremendous flexibility to perform in just about any environment. The RL-5480HC is available in ammo pack for auto insertion. Prices start as low as $0.08 based on ordering quantity.

Renco Electronics, Inc.
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