RCD Claims the Widest Range of Thin-Film Chip Resistors

RCD Components, Inc. announced today a breakthrough in their thin-film surface-mount resistor offering. The popular “BLU-chip” series has been expanded to 11 standard sizes from .02″X.01″ to .40″X.25″, with temperature coefficients not before available in a thin-film surface-mount to as tight as 1ppm, resistance tolerances to 0.01% as a standard (0.005% available), power ratings to 2W, voltage ratings to 500V and resistance values up to 10 Meg ohms.

RCD's innovative BLU-chips utilize advanced film processing techniques/materials and provides designer engineers the flexibility and the solutions they need to meet all the challenges of performance, stability, cost, and availability with today's and tomorrow's faster, smaller, lighter, lower-power, higher-precision, and more intelligent, electronic devices. Before now, for ultra-stability and precision in a surface-mount package, companies have been limited to a narrow resistance range and low-wattage bulk foil or wirewound resistors at significant expense, or have had to consider trade-offs in performance.

RCD's BLU's deliver the tight tolerances, low temperature sensitivity, and high stability demanded across a broad range of medical equipment, high performance audio equipment, precision measuring/test instruments, weighing scales, high reliability microelectronics, aerospace, and military applications. RCD's ultra-high precision series features low noise, capacitance and parasitic inductance and production is available immediately world-wide.

RCD Components Inc.
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