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Powerstax offers Rapid Solution for DC-DC Vehicle Power

Powerstax plc has introduced the Flexistax® dc-dc step-up power converter series using the company’s F501 series of brick converters driven from a 4-channel boost converter to allow vehicle or other dc voltages to be stepped up or down to those required by electronic equipment such as transmitters or guidance systems. The boost converter gives a non-isolated bus voltage of 32Vdc that drives a pair of F501 brick converters in a parallel configuration that provide the isolation, regulation and stability needed by modern, sophisticated electronics.

The patented high efficiency topology and signal and monitoring features of the F501 dc-dc converter modules means that the full range of standard output voltages can be supplied. A typical system efficiency of 86% is achieved with the 48Vdc being the highest efficiency and the 12Vdc output being a little lower. The Flexistax® D1001 is targeted for use in vehicle mounted applications, remote battery, generator or fuel cell powered sites and masthead applications.

Powerstax plc
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