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Powersim and Typhoon HIL Join Forces on Power Electronics Design and Test

Powersim, Inc. and Typhoon-HIL, Inc. have established a strategic partnership to offer a complete power electronics model based development, simulation, rapid prototyping, and test platform. With the PSIM-Typhoon HIL complete solution, one can design and extensively simulate the whole system off-line in PSIM first. Then use PSIM’s auto code generation capability to generate the control code automatically, and port the code on either the customers real-controller hardware or Typhoon’s DSP Interface Board that is directly interfaced with HIL that simulates power stage in real-time.

Powersim Typhoon HIL complete power electronics development, rapid prototyping, and test solution will help power electronics engineers to significantly accelerate development and test cycle, improve the quality of the controller software, reduce development costs, and minimize time-to-market.

Typhoon HIL is the technology leader in ultra-high fidelity hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) emulators for power electronics and motor drive applications. Typhoon HIL systems, enable the most comprehensive testing of controller hardware/firmware/software in Hardware-in-the-Loop configuration, with the power stage simulated in real-time with extreme fidelity. In addition, to facilitate controller implementation, Typhoon provides a DSP Interface Board and DSP micro-Grid Interface Board, based on TI F2833x/2803x DSP, to run and test control code before the controller hardware is developed, i.e. rapid control prototyping.

Typhoon-HIL, Inc. , Powersim, Inc.
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