Powerex Unveils CM600HG-130H High-Voltage IGBT

Powerex Inc. (Youngwood, PA) announced its new 6,500 V/600 A, high-voltage IGBT, the CM600HG-130H, which was developed for use on 4,160 Vac lines. The CM600HG-130H has been designed for use in utility power supplies, pulse power, traction drives and other high-voltage power supplies.

The new device has a high isolation voltage of 10.2 kV RMS and an optimized thermal management system incorporating an ALSiC base with AlN substrate. The switching loss performance is estimated to provide a 20-percent reduction when compared to competitive types in the market, according to the company.

Samples are priced at $2,100, and delivery lead time is four to eight weeks.

Powerex Inc.
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