Powerex SiC Modules Attain RoHS Compliance

Several Powerex, Inc. SiC modules have now been certified RoHS (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances) compliant including: QJD1210010 and QJD1210011, Split Dual SiC MOSFET Modules and QID1210005 and QID1210006, Split Dual Si/SiC Hybrid IGBT Modules. All four modules are rated at 100A/1200V.

These modules can be used in various high frequency applications, including: Energy saving power systems, such as fans, pumps and consumer appliances; High frequency type power systems, such as UPS, high speed motor drives, induction heating, welding and robotics; and High temperature power systems, such as power electronics in electric vehicle and aviation systems.

Powerex, Inc.
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