Power Shunt Resistors Run at least 15 Degrees C Cooler

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. now offers the HCS Series of high-power shunts that have a robust all metal welded construction. The raised element structure of the HCS Series will run at least 15 degrees C cooler than comparable sized and rated flat chips making it suitable for temperature sensitive applications. The HCS Series offers low resistance values down to 0.3 milliohms for higher efficiency at high current levels. Finally, TCR for the HCS Series ranges from ±50 ppm to ±150 ppm for accurate sensing with respect to temperature without the need for a four-terminal connection.

Typical applications for the HCS series shunts include: power supplies, welding equipment, power tools, energy monitoring and UPS Systems. The HCS Series is available in resistance values from 0.3, 0.5, and 1 milliohm in 3W 2512 and 5W 3920 sizes.

Pricing for the HCS Series varies with size, value, and tolerance, and ranges from $0.35 to $0.70 each in full reel quantities. All sizes and resistance values are available either directly from Stackpole or through catalog distribution.

Stackpole Electronics Inc.
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