Power-One Increases Z-One® Digital Power Point-of-Load Capability

Power-One, Inc. introduced the 60A ZY8160; claimed to be the highest current digital Point-of-Load (POL) module presently available. This fully-programmable dc-dc converter is claimed to provide industry-leading power management capabilities with no additional cost or space requirements when compared to analog "conversion only" solutions. ZY8160-based systems are said to be able to reduce development time, components, and PCB traces by up to 90%. The product is targeted for the server market, but is also well suited for Power-One’s other markets, such as communications.

Bill Yeates, Power-One’s CEO, commented, "The ZY8160 is an exciting addition to our maXyz(R) Z-Series and provides the advantages of open-architecture digital power management to high-current data server, storage, and communications applications. The ZY8160 extends the digital-power leadership position of Power-One, and the Z-Alliance, in terms of the number of solutions currently available, demonstrated advantages offered to our customers, and markets served. By increasing the power output of our products, we now have a much broader portfolio from which customers can choose. The digital power management capabilities coupled with very high conversion efficiency will generate interest from data processing and networking customers."

When used with Z-Alliance™ compatible ZM7000 Series Digital Power Managers (DPMs), the ZY8160 is said to facilitate the complete elimination of external components for sequencing, tracking, protections, monitoring, and reporting. All parameters of the ZY8160 are programmable via the industry-standard I²C communication bus and an optional Graphical User Interface (GUI). Configuration capabilities also include the ability for "on the fly" operating-parameter changes, without hardware changes, at any time during system development or service.

Power-One Inc.
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