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Power-One Debuts QTS48T25120-NDA0 IBA Converter

Power-One Inc. (Camarillo, CA) announced its new QTS48T25120-NDA0, a 96.2-percent, ultra-high-efficiency, quarter-brick, dc-dc converter capable of delivering up to 300 W of power (227 W/in³) for 12 Vdc intermediate bus architecture (IBA) applications. The QTS is designed for use in systems with regulated 48 Vdc (42 Vdc to 53 Vdc) inputs, and provides a four-to-one proportional ratio, unregulated IBA 12 Vdc output voltage.

The QTS operates over a PC board temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C, and can deliver industry-leading performance of 258 W of power, with airflow of 200 LFM up to 70 °C ambient temperature and 48 Vdc input voltage. The QTS48T25120-NDA0 converter offers a rich feature set, including input over-voltage protection, output over-current protection, 2,000 Vdc input-to-output isolation, over-temperature protection, and remote on/off. For higher-current output requirements, the devices can also be paralleled. The converter is available in a 1.45 in x 2.28 in x 0.4 in (36.8 mm x 57.9 mm x 10.2 mm) standard pinout, low-profile, quarter-brick package that does not require a heatsink.

Typical production pricing is $40 each for OEM quantities. Evaluation units are available from stock, with large production quantities available in six to eight weeks.

Power-One Inc.
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