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Power Management IC Targets DDR4 NVDIMMs

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) today claimed the industry’s first integrated power management IC (PMIC) developed for enterprise DDR4 NVDIMM applications. By providing a fully-integrated, software-programmable solution that can manage all on-DIMM voltage generation, supply switchover, and over current and voltage protection, the IDT(R) P8800 enables NVDIMM solutions to efficiently scale to greater density, reliability and performance.

When paired with IDT’s portfolio of NVDIMM-enabled memory interface technology, including the registered clock driver, data buffer and thermal sensor, this innovative PMIC provides a full system solution for module suppliers to provide leading NVDIMM and NVRAM technology to this fast-growing market.

Today’s NVDIMM power products rely on discrete devices comprised of a controller, voltage regulators, diodes and various passive components that must be customized for each individual NVDIMM design and density. The IDT solution integrates this function into a single chip that is fully programmable to accommodate density scaling, power sequencing and storage class memory support.

“IDT is uniquely positioned to provide complete solutions for the next generation of memory applications, such as NVDIMM, with industry-leading expertise in both memory interface and memory power,” said Rami Sethi, vice president and general manager of IDT’s memory interface products. “The P8800 pairs seamlessly with IDT’s NVDIMM-enabled memory interface devices to provide the industry’s first comprehensive solution that drives performance and reliability in the data center and cloud.”

NVDIMMs are a key element driving acceleration of critical workloads in the data center, including real-time analytics, online transaction processing and disaster recovery. As server architectures, operating systems and application software evolve to take full advantage of non-volatile main memory in the coming years, the NVDIMM market is expected to grow significantly.

“SMART Modular has partnered closely with IDT over several generations of server DIMM products,” said Mike Rubino, vice president of Worldwide Engineering for SMART Modular Technologies. “We welcome IDT’s P8800 PMIC solution for NVDIMM applications. This device enhances power management functionality and provides flexibility to customize the settings as desired by NVDIMM users. The integration in the P8800 device reduces the area requirement of the power components on the NVDIMM while simplifying board layout.”

Key features of the P8800 PMIC include: Input voltage range of 3.5V to 13.8V for auxiliary power supply; Programmable voltage range and power rail sequencing; Automatic or signal-based switch over to auxiliary power supply; Blocking MOSFETs to prevent reverse current flow; Integrated power up input inrush current control; and Input and output protection features for over voltage, under voltage and over current.

Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
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