Physik Instrumente LP Introduces Family of Piezo Power Supplies for OEM Applications

Physik Instrumente LP introduced the E-831, a compact, PCB mountable piezo power amplifier module is comes in several versions with different output current specifications up to 0.25A, depending on the dynamic requirements of the application. Multi-channel sub-systems for up to 40 units are available as well.

The low-noise piezo amplifiers feature a voltage gain of 10 and output voltage range from -30 to +130V with a maximum frequency of 15 kHz. The short-circuit-proof units are also equipped with a temperature sensor to protect the amplifier from overheating.

External power supply modules with dc-dc converters are available to provide the driver modules with the required piezo-output voltage.

These compact piezo drivers were developed for PICMA multilayer piezo actuators and can be used with any low-voltage piezo stack actuator on the market. According to the company, piezoelectric actuators are renowned for their high efficiency/low power consumption as well as their high precision, speed and force generation. They have applications in many fields from bio/nanotechnology to semiconductor production and aerospace.

Physik Instrumente LP
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