Photovoltaic Couplers in SO6 Packages for High-Current Control

Toshiba Corporation’s Semiconductor & Storage Products company today announced the launch of small-size SO6 package photovoltaic couplers. Mass production of the new products, the TLP3905 and TLP3906 starts immediately. This photovoltaic coupler is essentially constructed like a photorelay but without a MOSFET chip. Users can create an isolated relay by combining the photovoltaic coupler with the external MOSFET of their choice. This makes it possible to realize larger voltage and current exceeding the capabilities of existing photorelay products.

The TLP3905 and TLP3906, while maintaining the fundamental performance of Toshiba's current products, the TLP190B and TLP191B, expand on application areas by upgrading the operating temperature up to 125 degrees Celsius (max) and the isolation voltage up to 3750Vrms (min).

Also, the TLP3906 integrates a control circuit for releasing the MOSFET gate charge, realizing a much faster turn-off speed; approximately triple that of TLP3905. Additionally, the TLP3906 guarantees an LED trigger current to ensure VOC (min), making it easier to lower power dissipation of LED current. The new products are suitable for line switches in tester applications or high-current control in PLC applications.

Toshiba Corporation
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