PFC+LLC Resonance Control IC Reduces Standby Power

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has begun offering the MCZ5209SN PFC+LLC current resonance control IC equipped with standby power reduction feature and internal starter circuit. The MCZ5209SN is a controller IC which integrates a high voltage gate driver equipped frequency modulation type LLC current resonance mode controller and a critical conduction mode PFC controller and also has an internal starter circuit.

In addition, the controller is also equipped with a feature which reduces power consumption during standby which allows for reduction of input voltage at worldwide input of 90- to 264-Vac and 150W output to 0.1W or less. This in turn allows for the formation of power sources which are highly efficient across all load ranges, as well as elimination of standby dedicated power supplies and other part reduction.

Features of the MCZ5209SN include: Realizes integrated control of PFC and LLC with SOP24 package; Equipped with a starter circuit which allows for no-loss startup; Allows for highly efficient power supply across all ranges through the application of Shindengen’s unique asymmetric control technologies; Equipped with a high efficiency burst function that reduces power consumption in standby load ranges; and it is Equipped with an active standby function which reduces power consumption in light load ranges.

Primary applications are expected to include: Power supplies for LBP and other document equipment; AC adapters for medium and large scale equipment; Power supplies for large scale LED lighting; Power supplies for audio equipment; Power supplies for flat panel televisions; and Power supplies for industrial equipment.

The MCZ Series is offered in a variety of lineups, from products with internal LLC controller IC to products with internal PFC controllers, in order to allow customers to select controller IC which are perfect for their needs.

Shindengen Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd.
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