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Paper Battery and TWS Partner to Commercialize Ultrathin Ultracapacitors

Paper Battery Company and TWS Industrial announced today a partnership that will see them jointly work on implementing a breakthrough ultrathin ultracapacitor technology that has been proven to significantly extend the performance of traditional lithium batteries with minimal impact on size or cost. The two companies will develop a new line of innovative enhanced battery products for consumer electronics and mobile computing applications that take advantage of the paper-thin printed power technology.

The next generation batteries will leverage the battery manufacturing expertise that has made TWS a global leader in Li-ion batteries with the complementary game changing, PowerPatch ultracapacitor power sheet technology developed by the Paper Battery Company. Together, the two companies will explore global commercial opportunities for these smaller batteries with better peak power performance and longer run time and cycle life.

The PowerPatch product line consists of ultrathin, patternable ultracapacitor devices with interconnects and packaging designed to make compact energy modules with operating voltages ranging from 2V 7.8V depending on the desired life time. These energy-storage devices are 0.4 mm thick, can be produced is sizes up to 120 x 120 mm, have a nominal voltage rating of 4.5V and ultralow ESR. They can be produced with capacitances from 150 – 3000 milliFarads.

An environmentally friendly product, this ultracapacitor technology uses electrodes composed of high surface area activated carbon, carbon nanotubes or graphene. Paper or other porous polymer separators hold the electrolyte and separate the electrodes. Current collectors, usually aluminum foil, attach to the electrodes and carry the charges in and out. The PowerPatch products do not have the often-toxic heavy metals typically found in batteries and are RoHS compliant.

TWS VP of Sales, America and EMEA, Gordon Clements, said, "This partnership is very promising for differentiating the TWS batteries from the Li-­ion battery market and offering innovative product offerings for our customers. We have already have several customer queries and interest in this novel approach and are eager to launch jointly developed products."

The Paper Battery Company's CEO, Shreefal Mehta, said, "As one of the world's largest battery manufacturers with a global market presence, TWS validates the viability of our unique approach to addressing the power crisis in today's multi-­function consumer and mobile electronics products. Together, we will accelerate the commercialization of our innovative products to a variety of applications to deliver better performing and more eco-friendly energy solutions."

TWS Industrial , Paper Battery Company
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