Optocouplers in 14.2mm Wide Creepage and Clearance for High-Voltage Applications

Avago Technologies today during PCIM Europe announced a new family of 14.2mm optocoupler devices, the ACNT-Hxxx, designed for high voltage applications. The ACNT-Hxxx family consists of three major product series: the ACNT-H3xx, high efficiency gate drive optocouplers for driving IGBTs; the ACNT-H6xL, low power 10MBd digital optocouplers for system control and data communications; and the ACNT-H79x, high linearity isolation amplifiers for current and voltage sensing applications.

“High-voltage power systems today require chip-level components to support well insulated and noise-immune large signals to minimize copper wiring costs while maintaining optimal power efficiency,” said Kheng-Jam Lee, marketing director of Avago’s Isolation Products Division. “Avago has stepped up to the challenge with the introduction of a new 14.2mm optocoupler family. With the industry’s highest insulation voltage in compact SSO-8 footprint, the ACNT-Hxxx is the most complete and cost-effective set of high-voltage optocoupler solutions on the market today addressing a wide range of high power industrial applications including inverters, motor drives and power supplies.”

ACNT-Hxxx highlighted features and benefits include: Safety Approvals for CSA, UL and IEC, IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5 (VIORM = 2,262 Vpeak), UL1577 (VISO = 7,500 Vrms); Robust, reliable and fail safe reinforced insulation; 14.2mm Creepage and Clearance; Industry’s highest insulation voltage in compact 14.2mm SSO-8 package; and meets stringent system and equipment regulatory requirements.

They also feature: High gate driving current and noise immunity (ACNT-H3xx); Minimum 2A output current for driving IGBT; Minimum 40kV/µs CMR at VCM = 1.5 kV minimizing erroneous signals in driving IGBT in noisy environment; Low power consumption (ACNT-H6xL), less than 20 mW; Industry’s lowest power 10MBd optocoupler in compact 14.2mm SSO-8 package; Excellent linearity and gain accuracy (ACNT-H79x); Advanced sigma-delta A/D modulation technology with full differential isolation; and 0.05% linearity and -50ppm/ degrees C gain drift for enhanced accuracy.

Samples of the ACNT-H313, ACNT-H61L and ACNT-H790 are available now with expected general availability for the ACNT-H313 in June 2014, the ACNT-H61L in September 2014, and the ACNT-H790 in October 2014.

Avago Technologies
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