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Open-frame Power Supplies deliver 200% Power Surge for 10 Seconds

Delta Electronics, Inc. has introduced the first model in its new PJB 100W open frame power supply series. The PJB-24V100WCRA offers universal input from 85- to 264-Vac with nominal output voltage of 24V. The power supply offers 200% Power Boost from the rated output power for 10 seconds. The Power Boost enables reserved power to be always available during startup of load with high inrush current. Like the rest of the PJ series, conformal coating is applied on the PCBAs to protect against dust and chemical pollutants and only recognized Japanese capacitors are used so as to enhance product reliability.

Additional performance highlights and features include: Low Inrush Current / Low Leakage Current; High efficiency (efficiency is 86.5% at 100Vac input and 89% at 200Vac input, both for 100% load) and PF factor (power factor is 0.98 at 100Vac input and 0.97 at 200Vac input); Conformal coating on PCBA to protect against chemical and dust pollutants; Remote ON/OFF as option; Versatile configuration options: Open Frame, L Frame, Enclosed; and Long life capacitors. The product is certified for EMI standards according to EN 55022, Class B. Other international safety certifications like IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 are also available.

These power supplies are offered in two mechanical configurations, Open Frame (measuring 155 x 62 x 33.5 mm) and Enclosed (measuring 185 x 72 x 45 mm). Open-frame units weigh 0.26kg and the enclosed units weigh 0.42kg. Short circuit protection is Hiccup Mode, Non-Latching (Auto-Recovery when the fault is removed). These power supplies have an MTBF over 200,000 hours calculated using JEITA RCR-9102B.

Delta Electronics Inc.
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