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NXP Delivers Industry’s Most Comprehensive Range of Automotive Qualified Dual Power-SO8 MOSFETs

NXP Semiconductors N.V. introduced the LFPAK56D portfolio — a range of dual Power-SO8 MOSFETs specifically designed for automotive applications such as fuel injection, ABS and stability control. Fully AEC-Q101 qualified, the NXP LFPAK56D range offers best-in-class performance and reliability, while delivering a 77 percent smaller footprint than the equivalent DPAK solution which typically requires two devices. The LFPAK56D range is in volume production and is available immediately.

LFPAK56D combines two fully isolated MOSFETs into a single package designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the automotive industry. With the industry’s widest range of RDSon values across five voltage grades, it provides the best performance, current handling and reliability on the market. This new range of dual Power-SO8 MOSFETs offers customers complete flexibility and freedom to pick the device that best matches the application and module requirements, while also achieving a much higher power density.

Designing with LFPAK56D lowers costs through simpler PCB assembly, ease of inspection and shrinking module size. Smaller modules also means a significant saving in weight, which is particularly attractive to manufacturers focused on reducing CO2 emissions.

Building on NXP’s expertise in LFPAK56, which was the first power-SO8 package on the market fully qualified to AEC-Q101, NXP is now introducing the same reliable “copper clip” bonding technology to dual Power-SO8 MOSFETs in LFPAK56D. This copper clip technology is what gives the package its advantage in low package resistance, inductance and high maximum ID rating.

“We believe that LFPAK56D will set a new industry benchmark for automotive MOSFETs, enabling OEMs to maximize efficiency and achieve significant cost savings through the development of smaller, more compact products,” said Steve Sellick, business development manager, automotive MOSFETs, NXP Semiconductors. “Our portfolio of automotive qualified Power-SO8 MOSFETs is the most comprehensive in the industry, providing our customers the broadest possible choice when designing safety-critical automotive applications.”

Key Features

* Dual Power-SO8 MOSFET

* 77% smaller footprint than the equivalent DPAK solution

* Copper clip technology – Wire bond free

* High maximum ID rating

* Low package resistance and inductance

* Low thermal resistance

* High current transient robustness

* Automotive AEC-Q101 qualified to 175°C

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