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Nichicon Expands On-line Support Tools for Capacitor Technology

Nichicon Corp. has added SPICE models and life expectancy calculations for its capacitors to the Company's website. In addition, the Company has begun providing 3D CAD data (STEP and IGES file formats) that can be used with major CAD software.

In this way, Nichicon aims to contribute to more efficient circuit design, helping to shorten design time and enhance design quality.

In the automotive, construction, electrical equipment and other industries, 3D CAD models are used in simulation analysis and to shorten the amount of time needed for design. 3D CAD data is widely used for a variety of purposes: simulating heat generation and emission, as well as vibration and voltage; providing the ability to confirm interference with other parts.

It is also used in prototyping products and molds. Requests for 3D CAD data for capacitors have increased recently, so we have responded by preparing this data as a technology support tool.


  • To provide more accurate simulation analysis results, NICHICON's 3D CAD data faithfully portrays capacitors in fine detail. As a result, convection simulations can be performed to determine airflow around capacitors precisely while minimizing gaps.
  • Nichicon has provided 3D CAD data for every size of chip type, radial lead type, snap-in terminal type and screw terminal type of aluminum electrolytic capacitor—a total of 326 varieties.

Other Support Tools:

  • In addition to the 3D CAD data, Nichicon is providing SPICE models (to enhance the precision of customers' circuit simulations) and life expectancy calculations (to allow estimates of a capacitor's estimated life expectancy).
  • SPICE models are device models that can be used with circuit simulation software to reflect a capacitor's electrical characteristics, allowing circuit behavior to be reproduced accurately.
  • Life expectancy calculations can be performed simply by entering the capacitor series name, the ambient temperature, applied ripple current and rated ripple current to determine estimated life.

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