Ni-Zn Batteries in new Uninterruptible Power Supplies

ZincFive, Inc. will introduce the ZincFive UPS for mission critical IT, at Data Center World Global 2018, March 12-15 in San Antonio, TX. ZincFive will exhibit at Booth 717.

The latest in its line of proven nickel-zinc battery-based UPS solutions, the ZincFive UPS represents a shift in power protection deployment through new benchmarks for performance, safety and simplicity in data center operation.

“ZincFive’s nickel-zinc batteries and CE+T Power’s intelligent, modular inverter system transform UPS power density, footprint, weight, safety and maintenance to deliver a low total cost of ownership,” said ZincFive President, Solutions Division, Larry Eggleston.

“Powerful, fail-safe and environmentally friendly nickel-zinc batteries that last for the life of the UPS system, upends the traditional UPS performance, safety and maintenance model,” added Eggleston.

The Performance Edge: UPS Performance is redefined through a scalable and modular system offering a 6kW to 48kW, 3 phase, power-dense, lightweight, small footprint building block design with capacity upgrades in 6kW increments. Customers can surgically place precise levels of power protection where and when they need it.

The Safety Edge: The ZincFive UPS sets a new standard for safety with non-volatile nickel-zinc batteries that are less hazardous and more powerful than lead-acid, safer than lithium-ion, environmentally friendly and, combined with CE+T Power’s inverters, enables the industry’s only touch-safe system design in an industrial grade UPS.

The Simplicity Edge: Nickel-zinc battery life equals UPS system life, a huge breakthrough for UPS reliability and simplicity in operation and maintenance.

ZincFive’s nickel-zinc batteries eliminate the typical three battery replacement cycles for lead-acid battery-based UPS systems during the system lifespan.

Maintenance requirements and costs are minimized through user-replaceable inverters requiring no special tools.

Capacity upgrades are as simple as adding new inverter modules to the system. These capabilities significantly lower operational budgets and maintenance cycles over the life of the system, contributing to a lower total cost of ownership.

Nickel-Zinc and Other Battery Technologies

ZincFive is included as a Sample Vendor in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Data Center Infrastructure, 2017 report. ZincFive believes the report highlights the emergence of nickel-zinc battery chemistry as a safe, high power density, advanced battery technology for data center backup power.

Gartner analyst Henrique Cecci wrote, “advanced battery technologies address the most pressing concerns associated with traditional lead-acid batteries such as limited recharge cycles, bulky form factors, difficult maintenance and a replacement cycle of about four years”.

The ZincFive UPS Delivers:

  • Performance
    • High Power Density
    • Scalable, modular, and lightweight system design
    • Internal redundancy. No internal STS
  • Safety
    • Non-volatile batteries
    • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
    • Touch-safe system
  • Simplicity
    • Battery life = System life
    • Simplified installation, minimal maintenance
    • Easy capacity upgrades
  • Result: Lower total cost of ownership
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