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Next-Gen 600V Planar MOSFETs with RDS(on) down to 0.65Ω

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation announced the launch of “π-MOS IX,” a new series of 600V planar MOSFET. Mass production starts today.

Targeted applications include; small to medium switching power supplies for notebook computer ac adapters and game console chargers and LED lighting power supplies.

With an optimized chip design, the π-MOS IX series provides 5dB lower peak EMI noise than the current π-MOS VII series, while maintaining the same level of efficiency. It offers greater design freedom and therefore helps reduce design workloads.

In addition, the π-MOS IX series has the same rated avalanche current and rated dc current, making it simple to replace existing MOSFETs.

Initial devices in the new series of 600V planar MOSFETs have rated currents from (ID) from 3.7A to 11A. Specifications and part numbers are listed below:

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Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation will expand the π-MOS IX series with the addition of more 600V devices, plus 500V and 650V devices later in 2018.