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New Series of Schottky Diodes Target Wireless Power Supplies

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) today announced two new series of 0.5 to 1.5A class Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD): the S30 series (30V type) and S40 series (40V type). With options available in a compact 1.0×0.6 mm package size, the new SBDs are well-suited to smart phones and tablet PCs. They also function as highly-efficient circuits for wireless power supplies. Featuring twelve new devices, Toshiba’s expanded lineup of SBDs now includes a high peak reverse voltage type (VRM=40V) and a high average rectifying current type (IO=1.5A).

Additionally, the new CUS05S30 boasts low VF characteristics and reduces capacitance between terminals (Ct) by 50 percent or more when compared with current products. All of the new devices achieve low VF characteristics by optimizing the diode process. This lower voltage drop provides higher switching speed and better system efficiency.

Four package types are available, ranging from the small SOD-882 (CST2: 1.0×0.6mm) to the standard SOD-323 (USC: 2.50-1.25mm), making Toshiba’s SBDs suitable for a number of different applications with varying mounting size requirements. Features and specifications include: Low forward voltage: VF=28.0 V (typ.) @IF=0.1A (CTS05S30); High Average rectified current: IO=1.5A (CUS15xx, CCS15xx); High Peak reverse voltage: VRM=40V (CxSxxS40); and support for high-density packaging by using a compact package: 1.0×0.6 mm CTS05S30, CTS05S40). Toshiba’s new Schottky Barrier Diodes are available now. Budgetary pricing is $0.022-$0.042.

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.
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