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NESSCAP Offers New Ultracapacitor Models

NESSCAP Co. Ltd. (Suwon, Kyonggi-do, Korea) announced the addition of 3 F to 100 F models to its 2.7 V ultracapacitor product line. The new models are available in seven different capacitance ratings designed to meet a variety of primary or backup energy needs for compact electronics. The 2.7 V ultracapacitors are suitable for a range of compact applications, including LED displays, remote control devices, toys, hand-held scanners, small printers, car audio, actuators and relays.

With a capacitance tolerance of -10 percent to +20 percent, and a surge voltage capability of 2.85 V, the new ultracapacitors have a low equivalent series resistance (ESR). The 100 F model has an energy density of 4.5 Wh/kg, and an ESR value of only 10 milliohms at 1 kHz, with a rated current of more than 21 A and a maximum current of 58 A.

Available now with ratings of 3 F, 5 F, 10 F, 25 F, 50 F, 90 F and 100 F, pricing for the new models is based on the quantity ordered starting at $0.8 for sample quantities of the 3 F device. All of the new models feature a convenient cylindrical cell form-factor and offer an operating temperature range of -40 °C to +60 °C, and a projected operating life of 10 years.

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