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NEBS-Compliant Digitally-Controlled 650W Power Supply

ETASIS Electronics Corporation has announced the latest product addition to the ETASIS network power series, the EFRP-G657, a power supply designed for telecom and its carrier grade system for both cloud environment and complex network infrastructure. The EFRP-G657, at 1U height with dimensions of 50.5mm (W) x 40mm (H) x 300mm (D), provides 650W output power and has a peak efficiency rate greater than 92% at 50% of total output. According to GR-1089, this power module can withstand 15kV air discharges or 8kV contact discharges for ESD immunity test under normal operation. Also, ETASIS has included protections and insulations on both layout and material for power faults and lightning surges.

Power fault and lightning surge represents arbitrary events. These occurrences dictate two levels of criteria. First-level compliance holds that the unit under test be undamaged and is able to continue operating after the fault or strike with 2kV peak voltage. Second-level criteria state that the unit “may sustain damage, but shall not become a fire, fragmentation, or electrical safety hazard.” Tests typically include short-circuit and surge testing for 6kV peak. ETASIS EFRP-G657 power can survive after of 6kV surge testing, which performs much better than NEBS standard.

Key features and specifications include: 100-240Vac input; over 0.95 power factor; efficiency meets 80+ Gold standard; operating temperature range of 0 to 50 Degrees C; and outputs of +12Vdc at 54A and +5Vdc standby voltage at 3A. In addition, EFRP-G657 allows digital monitoring and control through Power Bus Managmenet (PMBus) and can also be set to run in fan-speed control mode, which allows fan controlled by system to ensure higher thermal performance in datacenter application.

“Our customers need simple, unique power solutions”, says ETASIS president, Jim Chen. “NEBS compliant design has an ease of use that brings actual safety and availability in cloud environment.”

ETASIS Electronics Corporation
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