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MPS Launches Programmable “Auto-Tune” 6-Phase Power Controller

Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS) today claimed the industry’s first fully-programmable controller, the MP2953, specifically designed for information/communications and cloud based systems including server core, memory, storage and any dc-dc application where efficiency maximization is critical. The MP2953, a fully-programmable 6-phase controller with telemetry and Auto-Loop Compensation, is the first product introduced in the programmable power family, targeting ultra-compact, high density VR/VRM systems. According to the announcement, the proprietary process technology utilized in this product enabled MPS to leapfrog its competition in terms of power density, ease-of-use and reduction in size and bill of materials.

Coupled with MPS’s family of Intelli-Phase DriverMOS IC’s, the MP2953 claims the best-in-class performance in efficiency and transient response. The Current Sense technique built into MPS Intelli-Phase IC’s allows the MP2953 to monitor and report output current at an extremely accurate level eliminating the need to overdesign your system while delivering the most optimized power and efficiency.

Further, the programmability by software implementation using MPS proprietary graphical user interface (GUI) eliminates the need for traditional “trial and error” design processes in the lab. Therefore, virtually all parameters are very easy to program or monitor by using the IC’s telemetry feature and program through the MPS GUI interface. MPS GUI used to program the device is the most user-friendly interface on the market today and offers an intuitive control features that allows the power engineer to complete their design and evaluation in short order.

The MP2953’s digital power management and control features provide real-time intelligence which allows the system designer to build a system that adapts to their conditions while optimizing efficiency. Finally, MPS’s proprietary auto-tune technology allows for changes in the load and temperature enabling power savings under even extreme light load conditions.

“I’m very pleased with the positive feedback from our customers and am particularly proud of our software and silicon designers who developed this innovative solution. Our programmable power product family set us apart from the competition. We feel that we have succeeded in introducing the easiest to use and the best performing digital solutions out there today,” said Michael Hsing, CEO of Monolithic Power Systems.

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