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    Renewable Energy

    Low-Cost “Air-Breathing” Battery Can Store Electricity for Months

    Wind and solar power are increasingly popular sources for renewable energy. But intermittency issues keep them from connecting widely to electric grids...

  2. 569
    Batteries and Portable Power

    Australian Firm to Build Li-Ion Gigafactories in U.S. and Germany

    Magnis Resources Limited announced the signing of a MoU for a 30GWh Lithium-ion battery with integrated Lithium-ion battery recycling plant in North...

  3. 492
    Digital Power

    Digitally-Controlled Three-Channel Interleaved PFC Reference Design

    STMicroelectronics offers a three-channel digitally-controlled interleaved power factor correction reference design that provides complete information for application developers on how to configure...

  4. 472

    Dynamic Power Limiter with Thermal Controlled Current Foldback

    The MAX17525 from Maxim Integrated Products is an adjustable overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent protection device that guards systems against overcurrent faults in...

  5. 472
    Motors and Control

    High-Speed 1200V Sixpack Module Family

    Vincotech announced the launch of a new 1200 V sixpack family – flowPACK 1 and flowPACK 2 – featuring high-speed IGBT4 technology...

  6. 465
    Packaging and Cooling

    Power Supply in Inductor Construction Delivers up to 1600W/ Cubic Inch

    Sumida Corp. has announced three new integrated Power Module products: SPM1006, SPM1008 and SPM1105. Together with the SPM1004 and SPM1005, the SPM...

  7. 455
    Power Sources

    Batteries have 41% Greater Energy Density and Charge in 15 Minutes

    Microvast announced the North American availability of its next-generation fast-charging MpCO lithium-ion batteries for e-mobility applications, such as electric buses. Microvast’s Gen...

  8. 447
    Power Supplies

    Analog Simulator with SPICE and SIMPLIS Environments

    MPLAB® Mindi™ analog simulation software, which was updated to include more models and features, is now available from Microchip Technology Inc. The...

  9. 444
    Packaging and Cooling

    Danfoss Preparing for Production of SiC Power Modules in NY

    Danfoss Silicon Power today welcomed the first employees to its Utica, New York facility — marking progress toward full operation of its...

  10. 413

    First USB-C Buck-Boost Voltage Regulator

    Intersil, a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation claimed the industry’s first buck-boost voltage regulator for tablets, ultrabooks, power banks, and other mobile...

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