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    Digital Power

    750W Digital ZVS-FB AC-DC Reference Design with Semi-Bridgeless PFC

    Microchip‘s 750W ac-dc reference design demonstrates a semi-bridgeless PFC topology followed by a peak current controlled zero-voltage switching full-bridge (ZVS-FB) converter with...

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    Power Components

    High-Power Integrated Magnetics for Automotive Power Converters

    PREMO has announced the 3DP-Series including the 3kW_HVLV (the 3DP-3KWHVLV-001 Full Bridge LLC Transformer 950 µH + Resonant Choke 21 µH + Parallel...

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    Power Supplies

    Isolated 10kW Power Tablet™ AC-DC is 1.5cm High

    Vicor Corporation has announced a 3-phase, ac-dc converter module (the RFM), capable of delivering 10kW of regulated 48Vdc in a power tablet...

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    Power Supplies

    85- to 305-Vac Input 2-Watt AC-DC Converters Deliver Full-Power to 55℃

    Mornsun has added the 85- to 305-Vac (and 120- to 430-Vdc) cost-effective LDE02-23Bxx series of ac-dc converters to its LDE series portfolio,...

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    Dynamic Interior Lighting Scenarios for Autonomous Vehicles

    The more autonomous a car becomes, the more the way in which it is used will change. As developments continue toward autonomous...

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    Batteries and Portable Power

    Carbon Fiber can Store Energy in the Body of a Vehicle

    A study led by Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, has shown that carbon fibers can work as battery electrodes, storing energy directly....

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    Power Supplies

    Programmable 36V DC-DC 3-Amp Step-Down Power Module

    The mEZDPD3603A from Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. is a programmable dc-dc power supply up to 3A and 0.6- to 12-V output voltage....

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    Motion Control

    MATLAB Enables Designers to Quickly Develop Motion Control Applications

    ACS Motion Control has created a MATLAB library that enables users to develop sophisticated applications with advanced diagnostics capabilities directly with ACS...

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    Batteries and Portable Power

    €1.6bn Kickstarts Lithium Werks’ Chinese Battery Gigafactory Vision

    Dutch energy storage and battery company Lithium Werks B.V. and Chinese Zhejiang Jiashan Economic and Technological Development Zone Industry Corporation have signed...

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    Motors and Control

    100-V Three-Phase Smart Gate Driver with Three Current Shunt Amplifiers

    The DRV835x family of devices from Texas Instruments are highly-integrated gate drivers for three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor applications. These applications include...

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