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    Smart Grid Power

    Virtual Power Plants to Improve Energy Management

    Kyocera Corporation has been registered with the Sustainable open Innovation Initiative (SII) as a resource aggregator for a new program to help...

  2. 280
    Power Components

    BMW i Ventures makes Strategic Investment in GaN Systems

    BMW i Ventures has announced a strategic investment in GaN Systems, a fabless power transistor company. GaN Systems focuses on GaN-based power...

  3. 270
    Internet of Things

    Software Dev Kit for Bluetooth Mesh 1.0

    Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA today announces the introduction of “nRF5 SDK for Mesh”, a Software Development Kit...

  4. 265

    Hermetic, Dynamic Load Balancing, Press-pack IGBT

    Dynex Power Inc. announced a significant industry-leading achievement: the initial delivery of the first hermetic, dynamic load balancing, Press-pack IGBT. The Dynex...

  5. 216
    Packaging and Cooling

    High Power and High-Speed Data in Vehicles

    The new RosenbergerHPD® series – High-Power Super Speed Data – is an universal applicable multicore datalink connection system for high data rate...

  6. 211
    Industry News

    SF Bay-Area Power Electronics Chapter is Best

    The SFBAC (combined Santa Clara Valley, San Francisco, and Oakland/East Bay) Chapter of the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) is pleased to...

  7. 206

    High-Frequency High-Current Toroidal Inductors

    Signal Transformer, a Bel group company announced the addition of the vertical mount High Current Toroidal Inductor (HCTI) series are widely used...

  8. 203
    Smart Grid Power

    ‘Energy IoT and Smart City Technology Alliance’ Launched

    The “Energy IoT and Smart City Technology Alliance” has been launched by Envision, Microsoft, Accenture and others, with more pioneers and innovators...

  9. 203

    PFC+LLC Resonance Control IC Reduces Standby Power

    Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has begun offering the MCZ5209SN PFC+LLC current resonance control IC equipped with standby power reduction feature and...

  10. 194

    600V / 60A Rectifiers with 50ns Reverse Recovery

    Sanken has added the CTXS-5606S, a fast rectifier diode rated for 600V and 60A. The maximum trr of 50ns is realized by...

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