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    Single Resistor Replaces Optocoupler and/or Aux Winding in Flybacks

    Typically, in order to stabilize the output voltage of isolated power supplies methods using limited life components such as optocouplers and/or auxiliary...

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    Wireless Power

    Plug-and-Play Wireless-Charging Dev Kit for Wearables and IoT

    The STMicroelectronics plug-and-play wireless battery-charger development kit (STEVAL-ISB045V1) lets users quickly build ultra-compact chargers up to 2.5W with a space-saving 20mm-diameter coil,...

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    Automotive Electronics

    Hydrogen-Powered Truck Company has $1.1 Billion Pre-Money Valuation

    With a $1.1 billion pre-money valuation, Nikola Motor Company's emissions-free future is looking very bright. Nikola CEO Trevor Milton today announced that...

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    2.5kW GaN-Based Half-Bridge Evaluation Board

    The TDHBG2500P100 half-bridge evaluation board from Transphorm provides the elements of a simple buck or boost converter for basic study of switching...

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    Dimmable LED Driver with Primary Side CC/CV Control and Digital PFC

    The NCL30386 from ON Semiconductor is a power factor corrected controller targeting isolated and non−isolated "smart−dimmable" constant−current LED drivers. Designed to support...

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    650V TRENCHSTOP IGBT6 for Small Motor Drives to 1kW

    Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the next-generation TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT6 technology. With a 650V blocking voltage the discrete device is optimized for specific...

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    Power Components

    Tripling the Output Power of GaN HEMTs Extends Radar Range 2.3X

    Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announced that they have developed a crystal structure that both increases current and voltage in gallium-nitride...

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    Dual 10A Ultrathin Regulator with Digital Power System Management

    Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear™ LTM4686, a dual 10A or single 20A ultrathin step-down µModule® regulator with a PMBus interface...

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    5kVRMS Reinforced Digital Isolator: 2x More Throughput at 4x Lower Power

    To better protect industrial systems from the dangers of high-voltage signals, equipment designers can now turn to the new robust and reliable...

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    Batteries and Portable Power

    Quantum Material is Promising ‘Ion Conductor’ for Research & New Technologies

    Researchers have shown how to shuttle lithium ions back and forth into the crystal structure of a quantum material, representing a new...

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