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  1. 996

    130MHz 6A Embedded Voltage Regulator in One Cubic Millimeter

    Today in Dublin, Ireland, Endura Technologies (International) Ltd, announced the ET7700 product family, the industry’s first 28nm embedded voltage regulator (eVR™). The...

  2. 922
    Power Components

    Factors Quantified for Reducing SiC MOSFET Resistance by Two-Thirds

    A research group in Japan announced that it has quantified for the first time the impacts of three electron-scattering mechanisms for determining...

  3. 780

    Low-Cost Linear Audio Amp has Efficiency Comparable to Class-D Alternatives

    Toshiba Electronics Europe has developed a 4-channel, high-efficiency class-AB linear power amplifier IC that delivers high-quality sound reproduction for car audio applications...

  4. 657
    Power Components

    5kV GaN Power Devices for Distribution-Level Voltages in the Utility Grid

    Power converters made from gallium nitride have begun to reach the market, boasting higher efficiencies and smaller sizes than conventional, silicon-based power...

  5. 657

    Full-Bridge SiP Includes MOSFETs, Gate Drivers, and Protection

    STMicroelectronics‘ PWD13F60 System-in-Package (SiP) contains a complete 600V/8A single-phase MOSFET full bridge in a 13mm x 11mm outline, saving bill-of-materials costs and...

  6. 572
    Power Supplies

    2″ x 1″ 10W AC-DCs Operate from 85- to 305-Vac for IoT Systems

    To meet the latest requirements of IoT systems, RECOM has developed a low cost 10W ac-dc power supply series in an industry...

  7. 543
    Energy Harvesting

    3-D Printed Objects Connect to WiFi without Electronics or Batteries

    Imagine a bottle of laundry detergent that can sense when you're running low on soap — and automatically connect to the internet...

  8. 511
    Test and Measurement

    Reducing Cost and Complexity of Calibrating Power Meters and Analyzers

    The Yokogawa LS3300 is a new dedicated, stand-alone and cost-effective calibrator that is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of calibrating...

  9. 483

    Buck-Boost IC Supports Simultaneous USB PD and Wireless Charging

    ROHM has announced the availability of dual-input boost-buck charging ICs that support 1 to 4 battery cells for notebook PCs, smartphones, and...

  10. 449

    Compact High-Power Low-Ohmic Shunt Resistors

    ROHM has developed and began mass production of high-power low-ohmic shunt resistors optimized for current detection in high power sets in the...

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