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Modular M-LB Series AC Surge Protectors Added by Pepperl+Fuchs

Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. has added the M-LB Series Surge Protection Barriers. The modular M-LB series fits various mains configurations and protects 115/230 V mains power supply lines against destructive power surges. These pluggable and pre-wired protection modules can be mounted on DIN rails for quick and easy installation. They feature front-sided indicators that deliver at-a-glance operating state and error message outputs for every protected line to ensure quick and easy maintenance. They are also hot-swappable for easy in-the-field replacement, without the use of any tools.

“Due to the large size, location, and construction of modern measuring and control technology, the reliability of installations containing this technology is threatened by surges from lightning or switching operations,” says Robert Schosker, Product Manager. “The repair costs for replacing damaged systems are considerably higher than the costs of installing lightning protection systems and surge protection devices, not to mention the revenue lost due to operational downtime. Proactively protecting equipment with state-of-the-art surge protection barriers is a smart and cost-effective way to protect equipment and keep process control systems up and running.”

M-LB series surge protectors are KEMA, UL and cUL listed. All devices come mounted as a combination of sockets and modules. Exchange modules can be ordered separately for maintenance needs. They are available for all common netforms, including1-pole surge protection, TN Net, 2 pole TT Net, TNC Net, TNS Net and 4 pole TT Net.

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