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Mitsubishi Electric Intros BA01212 GaAs HBT

The Electronic Device Group of Mitsubishi Electric and Electronics USA Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA) introduced an ultra-small, gallium arsenide (GaAs), hetero-junction, bipolar transistor (HBT) that is 35 percent smaller than today's power amplifier modules for W-CDMA(1) applications, according to the company. The BA01212 GaAs HBT power amplifier was developed in response to the constant demand to drive down the size and weight of mobile phones.

The BA01212 is able to achieve a low operating voltage of 3.5V and a low idle current of 50mA. In addition to the ultra-small package size, the GaAs HBT technology also eliminates the need for additional peripheral circuitry. The BA01212 requires only a positive voltage, thereby making negative voltage-generation circuits unnecessary. Similarly, integrating internal matching circuits that optimize distortion performance eliminates the need for external matching circuits.

Housed in a 6mm x 6mm x 1.5mm, LTCC(2) substrate package with a metal cap, the BA01212 GaAs HBT is available now in volume production, priced at $8.60 each in sample quantities.

Mitsubishi Electric and Electronics USA Inc.
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