Mini PFC-Integrated 600V IPMs Rated 4A to 15A

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the new CIPOS™ Mini featuring power factor correction (PFC). The intelligent power module (IPM) combines a single switch boost PFC stage and a 3 phase inverter in one package. With the PFC integrated into the inverter module, the integrated CIPOS Mini IPM helps to reduce system size and the bill of material.

Moreover, the additional PCB space gives room for further components. It is designed to control induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors with single-phase PFC in variable speed drives. These are typically found in applications like air conditioning and low-power motor drives of up to 2kW power capability.

The PFC IGBT of the CIPOS Mini IPM makes use of an external driver circuit allowing customers to enhance switching performance. The IPM features a Trenchstop IGBT combined with an optimized silicon on isolator (SOI) gate driver for excellent electrical performance. CIPOS Mini PFC integrated IPMs are available in inverter current ratings of 4A, 6A, 10A, and 15A. Designers can choose between PFC switching frequency of 20kHz or 40kHz. The package is especially designed for power applications which need good thermal conduction and electrical isolation. It also allows EMI-safe control and delivers overload protection.

Depending on power rating, CIPOS Mini IPMs are available either in DCB or fullpack. Both versions feature built-in over-current protection, along with an integrated under-voltage lockout function, and built-in temperature monitor. This provides for a high level of protection and fail-safe operation. Additionally, the integrated bootstrap diodes for the high-side drive function simplify the system design while reducing overall system cost.

The CIPOS Mini PFC integrated IPMs will be available in volume production with 10A and 15A devices in June 2017. 4A and 6A will be available during the 3rd quarter 2017. The new CIPOS Mini IPM will be showcased at PCIM 2017.

Infineon Technologies AG
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